Double Trouble – You Can Say That Again

Despised old bird hides head in shame

 What sorrow and trouble has befallen me! I’ve been despised, reviled and cast into godless outer darkness. Apparently, my last post about my disappointing experience in trying to provide a home for a couple of Cyanistes Caeruleus for the purposes of a DNA exchange, has been interpreted as vile sexual innuendo. 

The problem is that you can take the girl out of the gutter – but you can’t take the gutter out of the girl. And no one ever will!  Oooh – I’m a shameless depraved slut. 

My large open chest

Now, all this is  unfortunate because I was really warming to the overall subject of ornithology. I was going to tell you about my neighbour in France who has an enormous red male chicken that wakes up half the town in the morning. The fowl is quite famous and has been displayed at numerous country festivals. I asked the owner in for a cognac recently to chat about the morning behaviour. He turned out to be a cultured man from the furniture trade. At once his eyes fell upon my large English chest that I had accidentally left open. I explained that it was a family inheritance and that my mother had had an even larger one.  Fortunately we did not get on to discussing other English matters such as Dickens or Shakespeare.  So many names and twists of language are open to a range of interpretation in these high brow works. I would offer a couple of examples but I’ve had enough slamming and outer darkness for one week thank-you. 

Emma thinks: How can you repent if you haven’t pented? 

2 thoughts on “Double Trouble – You Can Say That Again

  1. Thanks Linn. It's been a bit spicy on the rack on account of those feathered friends who dare not speak their name. Oooh! it's enough to wither me follicles!


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