Venice, The City Lover’s City Of Love

Stone to lighten any lover’s heart

You can’t do a tour of anything in this world without taking in Venice. My Pinterest reveal today is of that magical place. I’m grateful to Patricia Sands for hosting me today.In Shannon’s Law a pivotal moment of the book unfolds out of the blue. A character comments that after Venice or Love, nothing is ever the same.Shannon has to cope with both at once.

So much has been said of Venice that I’ve always felt that a little scribbler like me can add nothing. In the full feature I tried by saying Venice is a city of love because, like love, it is very unlikely, impossibly fragile and impossibly strong. Many never find true love. I had to wait for the last third of my life to know it. I did not expect its weight  to float on the mud of life. I expected storms and floods to sweep it away. They might yet do so and indeed mortality will shuffle me off into the lagoon. To me, this is the essence of Venice. It rises above the impossible to proclaim beauty and passion. Like love it knows no common sense.

All the rest is photos and farfalle. 

Emma Thinx: Often you need mud to float a dream.

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