Guest Post: Announcing ‘Julia’s Violinist’ – a poignant love story from fabulous writer Anneli Purchase

My guest today is Anneli Purchase. Recently I read and reviewed her her first novel “The Wind Weeps” which is quite a hard-edged romance, set in the wild drama of British Columbia. She has also written  “Orion’s Gift”a dramatic tale of love on the run which plays out in Mexico, on the Baja Peninsular. 

Other than being a compelling writer, Anneli is a freelance copy editor and I can certainly recommend her services.   Welcome Anneli!

Thank you for having me on your blog, Emma. I’d like to tell your readers a little bit about my latest novel, “Julia’s Violinist”.

In the Sudeten-German area bordering Austria, Germany, and Czechoslovakia, Julia, a young German woman, fell in love with the baker’s son from a neighbouring village. He was handsome, fun to be with and played the violin so sweetly. Unfortunately, circumstances made it difficult for their romance to continue.

Fast forward twenty years. World War II has been lost. Julia, now a widow with two small children, is trying to rebuild her life after postwar atrocities left her raped, homeless, and deported.
Gradually she rebuilds her life, but her new husband is hard to live with at times.

A letter arrives from Canada. “I’ve been searching for you through the Red Cross for years. I’m so happy I’ve found you at last. Please come to me in Canada. Life is better here.”

By some miracle, her first sweetheart is still alive. What to do?

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