Hooks, Hopes, and Dialogue. Would you rather read or be read to?

Now, I have immersed myself in all manner of boiling waters over the whole matter of double-entendres. My skin is so pink that at least it hides my blushes. Last time on here I was talking about audiobooks. These days I beaver away at other writers’ works as much as my own. I have committed some of my own stories to audio but there is an equal joy of editing the work of other authors.
A few days ago, the Gallo-Romano Media produced audiobook of The Gentlemen And the Rogue(by authors Bonnie Dee and Summer Devon) went live on Audible, Amazon and iTunes. Now, this is an historical romp involving a gent and his very attractive man-servant. It is a wonderful tale of English Regency period debauchery, chivalry and Love.

The narrator, Jasper de Montfort (well, he says that’s his name), is a hard-line English nobleman with an eye for comely wenches and maidens. His mission was to perform seventeen character parts in a story where the main characters are men who prefer …….er……um…..men. I’ve got to be honest – he was so convincing that I’m beginning to wonder about him.

The Gentleman And The Rogue Audiobook ArtworkMy job was to splice, edit and polish the soundtrack. Oooh- I’ve always been a bit of a whiz with the knobs but this was a challenge. The double-entendres double up in this exquisite tale of love.
This Gentleman scrubbed up well and comes in at a most respectable and satisfying nine and a half…
hours.  However, many more days were actually spent creating this audio work of art.  You can bank on a recording artist taking two to three times the finished audiobook length to perform his/her magic. Add to that at least  3-4 times this number of hours, alone in a darkened room massaging Jasper’s… voice track
Then there is the wait, as the authors listen and approve… and further anticipation as ACX (Audible’s uploading arm) run their checks and tests.

Late last week I was very proud to see that the gentleman was out of his breeches and standing up for himself for all to see online. Sales are good – as producer on a split-royalty this is good news – and there are already a couple of five star reviews to boot. We are all deeply satisfied.

The point about working with audio is that you need a great story – crisply told. A written book you can go back and read the poetic bits if that is your taste. An audio book needs to flow like a river just aching for that salty sea. Since I have become involved in this form I have started to see my stories in this context. Some books that I have reviewed I have immediately visioned as film. Other  stories are like paintings which you need to view and return to. A good audio narrative moves and hooks in to your sense of need and expectation. It demands your secret imagination. Some other person’s voice is leading you on. If an audio book gets you – you are GOT.
I have been through periods of pessimism about the future of independent writers – indeed, any writers. The fact is that the plain written book is just one avenue. Obviously, the classic greats wrote for the printed page. The opportunity now is to write for a new generation of consumers who are not just simply readers. The greatest pleasure in life for me is to see. The next greatest pleasure is to close my eyes. This apparent contradiction  creates the mental territory of the audio book. The prairie is there and the long-horns still thin on the ground….
The Gentleman and the Rogue are ready and waiting for you on Audible and Amazon.

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A Pair Of Partridges And An Apple Tree

Got them grey skies pink apple blossom blues

A bitter cold wind sweeps across my English country garden. The delicate apple blossoms fall, smashed by the horizontal arrows of stinging rain. It’s just not bloody fair is it?

The shivering birds huddle, the fledgling crows are thrown from their nests, the Conservative Party, obviously starving, has gone cannibal and  eats itself alive over whether or not Britain is part of Europe.(Google satellite maps can help).  Oh yes – it’s summer in England.

Duh!          (youreuropemap.com)    

I should be cheerful because I’ve just finished sound editing the final edition of the audio book edition of “The Gentleman And The Rogue” by Bonnie Dee and Summer Devon. I tell you – it’s a sexy romp in which a gentleman and his young handsome valet set out to rescue a maiden from an amazingly sinister and evil villain. Oooh – there’s tight riding breeches and enough upright gentlemanly romance to tickle any follicles. There’s horses hooves on gravelled roads, the pre-Dickensian London above stairs – below stairs ambiance, a guilt ridden toff, a cocky tart, a cast of colourful characters, the Napoleonic wars and a sensitive love story. Honest – this is a good good English Regency historical tale. The Gallo-Romano narrator, Jasper de Montfort (a likely name) swings both and every other way to cover all the angles. I loved it!! I’ll let you know when the audio book is out there.

Run Juanita – These guys are rowing their island out of Europe.

Anyway, in the vile greyness of yet another failed spring/summer, I spotted a couple of disconsolate European illegal immigrant creatures doing what the Conservative Party cannot do -maintaining unity. I love red legged partridges (ssh- they  are introduced Spanish illegals).  They are  never apart and so so sweet!

Emma Thinx: Big men in history came together.