Stiff Upper Lip

So, home at last to more rain. I often wonder what other folk think about on aeroplanes. Flying above clouds I kinda feel that if the engines cut out maybe they would support the weight of the plane. Flying under the clouds or in clear sky I look around for places to land in emergency. Taking off I wonder if we would just slide backwards in the event of failure and landing I kinda feel that at least it would not be so far to fall from here and that even if we skidded off the runway the fire trucks and ambulances should be able to reach us. If you add to this the queueing for security checks without shoes or belts, being frisked by guards and paraded in front of gimlet eyed officials, the whole thing is appalling.

Glancing around me this morning as we bounced through a little celestial turbulence, all the exec types looked bored. Oh – how I would love for someone to start yelling and panicking. Once someone else had started I could join in without shame. Incidentally – Did you ever start applauding at the wrong place at a show, play or opera etc.? I did it once at an opera. Well, I didn’t think anyone could go on singing with a sword sticking out of their chest. I tried to keep going so that others would join in – but they didn’t.

My man was there to meet me. He’d cut some roses from the garden. He looked well and handsome – probably nourished on several rabbits. On the subject of beasts, I wandered into the bathroom when I got in and was terrified by a bloody moustachipede. These things are one of the joys of being further south…..but if you’re in the UK – they’re moving up.

2 thoughts on “Stiff Upper Lip

  1. Hello, It's a house centipede and they grow to about 5cm long and live for a number of years. French people welcome them in general because they are insectivores – and keep your house free of other bugs and insects eg ants, flies and spiders. They run REALLY fast and look like an escaped moustache. They have antennae on both ends so its hard to guess which way they will go. The French have not found a way of eating them – but they are probably working on it. They terrify me (the centipedes – not the French!)
    Thanks for getting in touch and for your kind comment about the blog.


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