Escape To Love – Cover Reveal

It’s been a while since I’ve been here. My only excuse is that I have been writing. It started out as a novel, but in the way of the universe, gravity drew it back from that cloud of gas and cooled it into a 10,000 word story. So much editor’s red ink has been spilled on this desk that the office looks like a crime scene. 

There is also a full length novel on the slipway, so I have felt free to indulge my passion for shorts in “Escape To Love”. I have drawn upon my own South London life and experiences. It is a story of love, set in a landscape of urban deprivation and social disadvantage. A woman on the run from an abusive relationship with no one but her handicapped child as a companion, stumbles into a life changing moment. Decisions must be made and so often in her past she had been wrong. It is a story about trust and the blinding nature of lust and passion. 

Now, I do like a bit of Do It Yourself. I’ve done my own cover. Even more demanding, I’m doing my own audio book. Usually, I chicken out and get Oscar to do them. In this case the “voice” of the story is so much that of the woman, that there is no way out. Well, I could have hired an actress, but all the ones I know personally were busy either singing in “Les Miserables” or collecting awards from The Queen.

Oooh, I must tell you about my Lez Miz experience. It’s a lovely lovely film. I went on Saturday and went into sob overdrive. The film is so long and emotional that I’m sure that my excess tears were diverted to my bladder. During the scenes of waifs singing in heavy wet wet tinkling splashy releasing rain near the end, believe me – I knew their pain. (Now, style purists, tell me that adjectives have no effect!) When I got home, the movie soundtrack haunted me and I dived onto You Tube. I found there a little gem which just kinda says something about genuine people and their hearts.You know, I loved the folks in this clip and if I had to have a picture of an audience, it would be them. 

My Emma Thinx today is a lift from Escape To Love. It kinda sets the tone.

Emma Thinx: Love is hands up when no one has a gun. 

12 thoughts on “Escape To Love – Cover Reveal

  1. Mmmm! YesssSSS! I think your cover covers it, Emma! I saw Les Mis this w/end! I have actually seen it twice! Loved it! I had to see it after seeing the stage show. I wasn't disappointed. Good luck, sweetie! 🙂 xx


  2. After hearing your videoetry, I think your voice is perfect for an audio book Emma! You have a natural and gentle 'lilt'! Amazing cover – it really stands out – love the barbed wire! Can't wait to read it. Lxx


  3. My friend, Emma, you're the best. I giggled all through the blog while beaming with admiration for your grit and style. Sounds like a great story. Looking forward to it. And the “little gem” was was indeed that. Thank you for a lovely moment.


  4. The recording is harder than I thought and I'm now on take 2 as there are quite a few different characters and I'm having trouble differentiating their voices! Perhaps it would have been easier to use a professional actress after all. Thanks for visiting and commenting Linn. x


  5. It's action packed so it's good for the chaps too – my teenage son went to see it with a crowd of mates and thoroughly enjoyed comforting the girls as they sobbed their way through! (He admitted that he had trouble holding back – but did not want to be the first of the lads to lose it. I hope you enjoy it!


  6. There have been reports of first aiders being summoned to cope with distressed cinema goers in the UK. I was very sceptical as I have seen the show and know the music very well – BUT it was such a compelling production and I was completely overwhelmed. I really felt for the family in the clip as we were pretty much the same on our own car journey home.


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