Escape To Love Book Trailer

I’ve no idea at all what has been happening in the world beyond the screen of my computer. Regulars will know that yesterday I promised a SoundCloud chapter from Escape To Love on today’s blog. As things have worked out, I have actually been able to complete the video book trailer and I’m gonna put that up instead. 

I’ve had Oscar in the bedroom all day doing his male thing. Poor lad is exhausted. You see maidens may exercise power by appearing gentle. Knights have to raise up their swords. Oooh – It’s nice to lie back and be overwhelmed.

 Now – I know what you’re thinking – but I’m talking about the voice-over track. He did the first one in a kinda soft English poet mode. Then he tried all levels of Hollywood dramatosis. In the end we went for poet heavy/Hollywood-lite. If I’m honest I would have liked that 90% dark chocolate guy who always tells you at the cinema that you’re a mug and the best film is next week. They have those scripts that go:  “A man with no nose never knows the purr – fume of a rose ……OR FEAR.  A man where apartment block meets mountain…They call him…. Flat-face”. 

So – it’s up and it’s hanging out. What do you think of my vid?

Emma thinx: No voice is deeper than a mind that truly listens.

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