Order – Order!!


Today is budget day in the Devolved United Kingdom. This annual ritual of  political circus is when the Chancellor of the Spreadsheet hangs out his dirty washing. And the news is that we are BUST. Luckily there are other countries that are even bustier. That has allowed our leaders to reduce the price of a pint of warm English beer by one pence. In my limited and innocent experience, busts expand with beer – both as possessed and perceived.  And ya boo sux to all those limp honourable members opposite.
I trust that my intellectual and astute readers will realise that my comments are merely a pastiche of that parliamentary pun and run style which is otherwise known as government and leadership. 

A few days ago I was a guest in someone’s home where the family was gathered around the Sky TV Oracle at Murdoch to receive the noises of WWF. Now, I know that at once you think of the World Wildlife Fund. Oh no – I mean the World Wrestling Federation. For a moment I thought I was watching the Parliament channel. Here is a clip – you’ll see what I mean.

Emma Thinx: Keep the circus rings out of your nose. 

2 thoughts on “Order – Order!!

  1. You are so right Emma, it is a circus (and I'm not talking about The Rock here). Braying, false laughter and shouting each other down is hardly adult behaviour. It isn't debating, it isn't dignified and it isn't interesting to watch. I expect a circus and an over-the-top display when I watch The Rock,and he delivers – he does a good job. From politicians I expect them to set a good example,take part in reasoned debates without shouting and treat all aspects of their work with the respect and seriousness it deserves. What they decide affects each and every one of us. Even in a circus contest between these two clips The Rock would still win. He had around 6 minutes of standing ovation honouring his craft. If politicians want respect, they have to earn it and displays like this don't do them any favours. Great post, inspired!


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