A Complete Waste Of Space

I do not wish to offer any political opinion about right or left but neither do our political leaders. The vile jeering mob which we call the mother of parliaments, is put forward to more “backward” countries  as a blueprint for government that all should follow. Do we seriously believe that? Do we accept that our political leadership indulges in a self satisfied game of name calling and school yard sneering in our name? They sure don’t do it on my behalf.

Yesterday the Prime Minister, the Right Honourable David Cameron MP informed his opponent Ed Miliband that he was a “complete waste of space”. This embarrassing piece of bullying was accompanied by a chorus of chortling and jeering from his supporters. Seemingly, this is how we are led. This is democracy at work. This is analysis and debate!

Many of us have children. Many adults work with young people. How do we translate this kind of behaviour to them? Do we explain that this is just routine name calling and theatrical insulting of an opponent. Do we express our shame as experienced adults that this is a done in our name? Do we tell them to man up and learn themselves to call people names and jeer with the mob at others in order to dominate? Do we tell them to puff themselves up and treat all others as inferiors?

Recently I have been writing a small series of books for children. I have tried to use the “fairy tale” concept of the little guy coming good and the idea that it is wrong to be unkind, rude or to deride others. In the final tale “Kool Kid Kruncha” a small boy who is a bit different is called names by a contemptuous mob led by a bully. I try to show my young readers this is not the way to go. Probably my simple ideas are a complete waste of space. 

Emma Thinx: Leader – never stand still when the mob is behind you.  

Order – Order!!


Today is budget day in the Devolved United Kingdom. This annual ritual of  political circus is when the Chancellor of the Spreadsheet hangs out his dirty washing. And the news is that we are BUST. Luckily there are other countries that are even bustier. That has allowed our leaders to reduce the price of a pint of warm English beer by one pence. In my limited and innocent experience, busts expand with beer – both as possessed and perceived.  And ya boo sux to all those limp honourable members opposite.
I trust that my intellectual and astute readers will realise that my comments are merely a pastiche of that parliamentary pun and run style which is otherwise known as government and leadership. 

A few days ago I was a guest in someone’s home where the family was gathered around the Sky TV Oracle at Murdoch to receive the noises of WWF. Now, I know that at once you think of the World Wildlife Fund. Oh no – I mean the World Wrestling Federation. For a moment I thought I was watching the Parliament channel. Here is a clip – you’ll see what I mean.

Emma Thinx: Keep the circus rings out of your nose.