Hash Tags For Hash Cakes

A weed by any other name would be a plant

The tour rolls on. Today I’m on ever after romance book blog as day by day the Pinterest striptease reveals more about Shannon’s Law

The subject is that controversial subject of cannabis sativa – a plant grown to produce rope. It also is a source of Tetrahydrocannabinol. This is a kinda dreamy weed man that lets you tune in by tuning out if – you know – you kinda get my sexy vibe bro and sis. Of course I have no personal experience of such a vile substance. I believe it does not mix with fine red wine. 

Whether it leads on to other stronger drugs I do not know. Oscar, my pet ex London street cop believes that one of the problems is that users have to go to criminals to buy their weed. This creates a pathway into a criminal sub culture that regular folks do not encounter when they buy codeine phosphate at the pharmacy, a pack of cigarettes at the corner store or a litre of vodka at Walmart. A cheaply grown plant with a high criminalized price tag will create massive business. What do we want our cops to do? There’s no easy answer. 

Emma Thinx: All creation grew in the Garden of Eden.

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