Elementary My Dear Watson

My DNA. No wonder I can’t think straight

My Pinterest reveal tour rolls on into Missouri USA via the site Full Moon Dreaming. Today deals with police forensics. My police consultant Oscar tells me that in the 1970’s the cops immediately rounded up likely suspects when there was a crime. Forensics were for scientists.  In earlier fictional times Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson shuffled about over the crime scene shedding fibres and tobacco ash from pipes. 

These days the whole police business is far more professional. All officers are very aware of the need to preserve evidence at all costs. A footprint in mud will not last long on a rainy day. Bigger and bigger databases of DNA and fingerprints provide more chances of a forensic answer to that whodunnit question. In Shannon’s Law both DNA and prints play significant silent roles.

Dr Edmond Locard (1877-1966) is not a household name like Sherlock Holmes, even though he really existed. He was essentially the Sherlock of France. To me he is the philosophical inventor of forensics. His principle was that “Every contact leaves a trace”. 

It’s amazing what you stumble across as you research a novel. I was fascinated to find that in Mark Twain’s 1883 story “Life on the Mississippi” a suspect was identified by fingerprints.

Emma Thinx: Love needs no contact to leave a permanent trace

Meet Ben – wayward teenager and pivotal character in Shannon’s Law featured on @SherylBrowne ‘s blog #character #study

Boy of the hood

Today’s Pinterest reveal  features that most enigmatic of human phenomena – the teenager. We’ve all been one but somehow once you leave its discarded skin behind, you can never quite remember how it was. Your own adoescent skin will be an unfashionable object of derision hidden under an outdated alternative vocabulary. Interrogating current teens often creates more heat than light. Benjamin Chamberlain-Knightsmith is destined to be the 12th Earl of Bloxington. With his mother dead and a great injustice on his shoulders he has good reasons to pull up his hood. In Shannon’s Law one of the quests is to resolve his issues. It’s a bumpy road.

The full feature on our hoodie hunk appears on the lovely blog of  Sheryl Browne.  As a young sprog of a novelist doing poetry cold turkey I met Sheryl when she led a workshop on how to romcom. Check her out her books and see just how much I don’t know.

I was lucky to have a cooperative model to be Ben. He also wrote the music for my video poem “You are my love” and designed the book cover for the poetry anthology “Freeze Frame”. Such talent – it makes you weep. 

Emma Thinx: Youth – from where the  desire to escape equals the desire to return. 

Hash Tags For Hash Cakes

A weed by any other name would be a plant

The tour rolls on. Today I’m on ever after romance book blog as day by day the Pinterest striptease reveals more about Shannon’s Law

The subject is that controversial subject of cannabis sativa – a plant grown to produce rope. It also is a source of Tetrahydrocannabinol. This is a kinda dreamy weed man that lets you tune in by tuning out if – you know – you kinda get my sexy vibe bro and sis. Of course I have no personal experience of such a vile substance. I believe it does not mix with fine red wine. 

Whether it leads on to other stronger drugs I do not know. Oscar, my pet ex London street cop believes that one of the problems is that users have to go to criminals to buy their weed. This creates a pathway into a criminal sub culture that regular folks do not encounter when they buy codeine phosphate at the pharmacy, a pack of cigarettes at the corner store or a litre of vodka at Walmart. A cheaply grown plant with a high criminalized price tag will create massive business. What do we want our cops to do? There’s no easy answer. 

Emma Thinx: All creation grew in the Garden of Eden.

Bicycle Belle – Shannon Aguerri

As the grand Pinterest reveal all tour strips off for action, today we get down to old fashioned English bobbies on bikes. At one point Shannon has to climb a nine feet wall using a bike. I know my readers expect accuracy so I sent my man out to prove his manhood. He did. He hasn’t been quite the same since.

Today I’m on Books to Light Your Fire. I’ve found a couple of books on there that have sparked my interest.

Emma Thinx: Do police spokespersons mend bikes?

I’m In The Hands Of Goddess

As my virtual book tour continues, perhaps this a good time to give a plug to Goddess Fish Promotions who organize the event. If you are looking to promo your stuff I can recommend their service. They are very professional and very acceptably priced. 

The days are slipping by now. Soon Shannon’s Law will be out there. I’m flat out at the moment putting the final touches to Cop’s Kitchen. All this time in front of the computer screen means the need to diet. Working on a cook book when you’re hungry is a most singular torture. 

The tour today has taken me to readingintwilight .It’s a cool site featuring some great books.

Emma Thinx: I can resist everything except a higher resistance.