Horny Cowgirl

Today is a busy travel day so there is little time to write. Yesterday I decided to top up my memory store with images of my beloved Charentes. Newly ploughed soil stretched away across fields edged with the gold and auburn of Autumn trees. The river laden with silt eddied and dimpled as it pushed on to the sea. These images will keep me sustained through the traffic and anonymous rush of life. But above all, yesterday was a day for cows. I do not think I have ever shared with you my love of cattle. Of course, it’s all sentimental twaddle since I’m quite content to eat ris de veaux and entrecote.

The white beast at the top is a young bull whom I met in a field between Coulonge and Taillebourg. If I wrote Rumance (that’s romantic fiction for cows), this guy would be Fernando Terrifico. Just outside St Savinien I came across a small herd of beautiful cattle with calves. Take a look at their lovely faces.

I just love the one with wonky horns. The one on the left looks kinda aware of her beauty. She just turned and posed for me in a film star way. I could just see her getting it together with Fernando.

And of course, the picture to the right is what it’s all about: the meat, the cheese and the milk. Without that nipple tipple where would we be?

Emma thinx: Wretched beasts who know so little. More wretched still those who do know.