Corn On The Cob – It’s A Trojan Horse.

A bitter sweet question of taste.

If one could only offer opinions on things where one had some knowledge I would be forced into silence.  

But what about this genetic engineering business? The French have banned all GM Maize – otherwise known as corn on the cob. Did they think we didn’t realize it was crossed with a horse? Organic commandos have stormed a field armed with spades and bridles.

D and neigh.

Now comes the news that embryos may soon be produced using three parents in order to combat mitochondrial disease. I know we should be concerned but is this anything really new? A close friend of my mother confided that several American soldiers had fathered her war baby shortly before D Day. The child turned out perfect. 

Bacchus to the future

While I was deep in intellectual contemplation of this issue I wandered into ASDA – the thinking woman’s outpost of Walmart. Right before my eyes was the proof that food detectives have sought for years. Yes – grapes developed to look like lemons. You only get four gramons to a bunch. The young lady filling the shelves told me there had been a mistake with the label. Hah! Do they expect me to believe that?

Emma Thinx: There’s no gene more dominant than hunger.