Emma Reveals All: But Only Under The Covers.


In France we have just emerged from our shelters as Tempete Zeus blows itself off to the east. I knew we would invoke the power of Zeus when we held our prize draw for the naming of characters in the book, since it was he who drew lots with Hades and Poseidon to get the supreme god job. I did notice the wind was getting up as we were selecting the winners. It’s cops, it’s sex, it’s action, it’s more sex, it’s politics,it’s love, it’s comedy, it’s out on April 3rd. I won’t bang on but here’s a short blurb.

Two women, two forbidden loves, one desperate chance. As the old political certainties of  modern life fragment, two fearless women gamble all to re-unite a country and point a way forward to a world in conflict.

Well, tell me what you think of it, please.

Emma Thinx: Falling at the first hurdle means you get to shower in peace.

30 thoughts on “Emma Reveals All: But Only Under The Covers.

  1. Hi Emma, I love the cover!!! It does not resemble either of the previous PP releases that’s for sure. So to just single out this particular cover, let’s see. First glance, I see a man emerging from a castle dungeon and coming out into the light, like he has been hiding for too long.


    • Well, there’s castles and danger. It’s a move away from my old Passion Patrol style but there’s plenty of the old flavor. We all know the cover is important but I’m hoping I know what my readers like inside. Thanks for feedback.


  2. First thing thought was….O ! That looks like a good one. Then looked closer, thought the guy looked creepy, and wondered if scary book! Lol So yep grabs you!


    • It’s a suspense romance with an element of satire and thriller action. It was a job to know which way to go…covers are so difficult because you can only ever capture one genre type. My books should have a puppy carrying a Valentine card and a machine gun through a dark forest of trees dressed as bridesmaids. Great to get your feedback.


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