Brexit Blues and Royals


Francois, William and Kate

President and Royals pose with the French Olympic fencing team. Photo credit

Suddenly everyone is pushing buttons. Theresa May has hit the big Brexit button. World out there – ready or not here we come; or go; or sort of  wander about. So far I’ve not been taken as a hostage by the French government in case we don’t pay the 60 billion euros exit paperwork handling fee. (Pesky lawyers). Not sure who pays my fare if I get deported.

Why worry?  I’m about to press the launch button on Love Bleeds Blue and if everything goes as planned the royalties would soon get me out of jail.

In the meantime I wrote a modest feature for Impkater magazine. I felt rather humbled to be in such a publication. They’ve got some real scholars and experts I can tell you. I don’t know what to think until I’ve read these guys.  Anyway William and Kate – yes the royals – were doing a pre-Brexit Britfest in France. Republican or Royalist you can’t help loving all the glitter and pomp. The French did away with their chance to have shows like this so William and Kate are just showing them what they’ll miss if they’re unfriendly to us. If they don’t give us back our ball they sure won’t be getting any glass slippers from us.  AND we’re perfectly capable of making our own cheese to go with Californian wine so my suffering would be manageable.


French Royal Crest. (Wikimedia)

Very often French people whisper to me that they want to bring back the Royals and do away with politicians all together. Now – remember where you heard it first…….Come on now – you didn’t expect Donald or Brexit did you?


Emma Thinx:  Good neighbours make good fences. Bad neighbours make good fencers.


2 thoughts on “Brexit Blues and Royals

  1. Hi Emma,

    Awesome line about fences and fencing!!!!! Totally get it. 

    ” Emma Thinx: Good neighbours make good fe. Bad neighbours make good fencers. ”

    Something needs to change with our “Oompa loompa “!!!!  I cannot even bring myself to call him our president.  He only represents him and his own needs, not our nation or the world as a whole or peace.

    The day of elections, my heart was broken, a nation of democracy was broken.

    I just see a very sad depressing 4 years and how many more years to clean up the mess and repair the relationships with the nations he has so “5 year old, rich, privileged little school boy prick, that no one wanted to play with, so he made Daddy pay other children to be his friends” that we will have to gravel and plead for forgiveness of his treatment towards them.

    I know I am wallowing in self – pity and it’s wrong.  So many other countries have it so much worse. The UK stood tall against terrorist a few days ago.  My sympathies to your country. Also France, last year.  My husband was just outside of Paris, in Grigny. I called him, I didn’t care about the time differnce. He and his co-workers were going to go out that night.  I thank God every day. 

    I am sorry for being so maudlin.  My dear Emma, you have the gift, the power of a few words to evoke such emotion.  It would be interesting to see how many others on your reader list, responded to those words.

    Hmmm Dee Thinx: World peace starts with an open mind and a helping hand.

    You, Miss Emma may be on to something!!!

    To the best book launch EVER!!!!!!!

    As always, warm wishes from Florida, Dee AKA Dorothy


    • Hi Dee, how lovely to hear from you on here. As for blog views I find that not too many “fans” find their way here. Thanks so much for your review – it was fantastic surprise with breakfast. I’m happy you got the book. I see this morning that Prince Charles is on a European tour as well. Caesar Roboris is on the move. It’s all coming true. Love Bleeds Blue is not a novel – it’s the story that history is about to write. My kindest regards to you. Emma x


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