Ubuntu: You bet!


Goddess of re-birth Freya. (Wikimedia)

Being an author I’m genetically perfected to accept setbacks, rejection and disappointment and that’s just making a trip to Walmart. Now and again something happens in life to restore my pre-birth default setting of optimism and belief.

Spending a lot of my life tapping at the screen I’ve gotten through a few digital partners. Male  hardware gets a bit shabby but holds up while the micro atoms of the soft porn operating system in their heads end up with  psychological viruses and abandoned by the gods who created them. I learned to live with a plain and simple old guy of 95.  He was  steady enough until they kicked away his walking cane. I left him for dead and took up with Vista. He gave me a wider outlook but one day he crashed. I moved on to Windows 10. He’s tricky, complex and suffers from the blues. I knew there was something going on – he was updating with a younger server somewhere. Behind my back he wiped out my connection and told me I no longer had a valid address. I ditched him. I’m not the kind of girl who can eat off a command prompt menu. If I’d wanted to log in as an administrator I’d have gotten a job at the town hall. The bodies piled up. If I could sell a few more books I could bite that forbidden fruit – an Apple.

Digitally speaking I’m a Ancient Geek. I believe in Zeus and oracles. A voice came to me and whispered “Linux” in my ear. For a while I thought it was a secret formula for Freemasons. The gods told me I could be the new goddess Freya of rebirth and immortality.  A Wagner fan like me had to listen. An Amazon woman delivered unto me the gift of life on a stick.  I dressed in my goddess overalls of white silk and opened the tomb. One by one I inserted the USB of life into the corpses of my deceased lovers. One by one they rose up. So far there’s no rivalry in my menage a quatre.


Menage a trois – it’s getting crowded in here

I feel like a queen of the noble Ubuntu tribe, not knowing which  warrior to caress. I’m writing this is on an old Dell Optiplex GX520 who became incontinent about two years ago. (Far left with small Cyclops green eye). One night he staggered out for an XP and couldn’t get his program to respond.


The secret of life revealed

I know, I know, all those hunky sexy tech types already knew about this stuff – but I didn’t.  It’s free and it’s there to help you.

Emma Thinx: If it seems too good to be true it’ll be running Linux.

3 thoughts on “Ubuntu: You bet!

  1. Oh My Dear Emma, For me it is Laptops!! I like Windows just fine I wish they would just quit mucking it up. For me the best version they ever had was Windows ME, hubby (who IS the techo geek in the fam) differs and says windows XP. I have a specific laptop use to d/l stuff on, one they is a virgin and NEVER been accessed to the internet, once for my daily stuff, and blah blah blah. It looks like control tower for the airport in my office. But that’s is what happens when you are married to an engineer and you want to keep peace in the house..lol. Small price to pay considering he has to put up with all of my Books., you have no Idea how many books I have and music….He is convinced I am a hoarder….I say I am a collector….there is a difference…LMAO…AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME Passion Patrol #4 Sophia is such a beautiful, kind and sweet soul and the find not just Prince charming….mmmmm wonderful!!!! Best of everything to you Emma!!! Warm regards from Florida, Dee


    • Hi Dee, you’re so lovely. I’ve spent half an hour crying at Tristan and Isolde Liebestod. It’s love-death kinda petite mort sad and mad. Tell me – what would you really want in the next PP? Emma x


      • HMMMM Not sure what you have so far. I have an idea, I will shoot to you privately. LOL kinky. Dee


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