Tough Love at Christmas. Book Launch

Seduction Santa Review ad (1)Now here it is Merry Christmas, everybody’s having fun. Maybe in the USA this ever popular SLADE song is not quite so well known. In the UK it’s the equivalent of the summer cuckoo or the first blown leaf of Autumn. As the Halloween displays are packed away in Walmart, the Christmas songs hit the sound system.

This year I’ve gotten into the act myself. Seduction of Santa is my new Christmas story. It’s number six in my Seduction series. I’ve not made it too long because what woman has any time for herself at Christmas? It’s a story of cops, love and action set on and around the hard streets of London. It’s a spicy mix of crime, lust and loneliness. I also wanted it to take a serious look at some social issues so it’s not just froth and tinsel.

The heroine Paula  is a humble cop who also drives a community bus. If you can imagine these guys singing along to Boney M’s Mary’s Boy Child as they cross London Bridge to see the West End lights you’ve got the right stuff inside to love this story.

Seduction of Santa will sell at $2.99 but is on pre-order @99cents.

Santakindle front

Paula Middleton, a cop respected and loved by all but a woman alone with no one to love. When her heart encounters the tough and wild Max Muswell, she loses her head to a wanton passion. Together or apart they confront the same evil enemies. Will the conflict break them apart or unite them in love for Christmas?


Fire Up Your Follicles

Scales fell from my eyes

Ooh – I’ve just been throwing out the junk after all the food-fest. First thing that’s going in the trash is the bathroom scales. That’s the first problem solved. Second problem is that the programme on my righteous virtue training machine has gone wrong. All this bloody software! Computers are like men – you choose them cos you like the look of the  hardware and as soon as you get’em home and try to plug ’em in they develop a software problem. 

Never mind, life is beautiful quand même. I’m missing my home in France to be honest. I’ve been thinking of the river Charente and writing a love poem. Mainly I’m writing a story. I’m terrible really, constantly distracted by love, desire and chocolate. Well, let’s just say chocolate shall we. It’s all research you know. 

I had always said that I was never gonna give it away again. For a few months I have been trembling on a cold street corner of literary virginity. Punters have stopped, sighed, squeezed and occasionally had a nibble. But Hell, it’s Christmas and a wise woman gives out the goods. “Knockout!” is only sex, love, intrigue and police action drama but it’s FREE. There’s a new hot book soon out so take this chance to fire up your follicles in preparation. 

I hope you all had a great Christmas. Next year will bring its own problems of course, but we’re learning all the time aren’t we?  Just think -in 2013 mankind will know more than she has ever known – except what to do with all that knowledge. 

Links to free book:

Emma thinx: Giving it for free is business. Giving it for nothing is love. 

Pineau Paradise.

I am so so happy. I am home in France. It was not long before there were friends at the door, Pineau to pour and and invitations to accept.  Don’t these people know that I am an artist and have to WRITE?  Luckily they couldn’t care less because everyone here is an artist in the medium of smiles and humanity. The teenage kids kiss Gilles and I as friends and are respected as friends themselves. Whatever happens, mankind must not forget that we can care about one another. 

Of course, it is Noel and the decorations are lit. French rural life is curious because it exists invisibly in homes and “les foyers”. Streets can have a ghost like quality. We arrived after “La tempête” and the crossing of the Channel was a churning vomitous horror. The night previous to our voyage, the vessel “Le Pont-Aven” had not been able to enter St Malo because of the storm. I guess the crew must have had a terrible experience.  For this reason I will not be writing to Brittany Ferries about the rude and almost confrontational behaviour of one of their car deck marshals. This large young shaven headed character had obviously trained as a night club bouncer. When Gilles did not understand his wild impatient arm gestures, he responded by pointing at his eyes with angry stabs and then at us. Finally we just pulled up behind the car in front and got out. We do not go on these boats looking for aggro with people who are paid to help us! By the sideways nervousness of his comrades I kinda got the idea that they were a bit uncomfortable with this guy. Brittany Ferries – let me say that we pay hundreds of pounds for these crossings. WE are the customers! If any of you guys out there have Trans-Manche Ferry stories I would love to hear from you.

In the meantime here are some shots of St Savinien at Christmas. With respect to the shot below, the box on the right is if you want a delivery. The box on the left is if you you would rather avoid one.

French letters.

Emma thinx:  Peace on Earth? Well, it’s no good looking at me!

Christmas, Kindlemas, Body Mass

Well, the old boy did it. Oscar’s book of poetry has gone live on Amazon Kindle. It’s called ‘I threw a stone’ and he kindly asked me to write the foreword.  Not only is it an e-book, it also includes an audio album with all the poems read by Oscar. I find all this uploads/downloads stuff a bit bemusing but I managed to get the audio onto my Kindle. All this new interconnected media gives writers the chance to produce some unique kinds of work. Oscar’s book has a music intro as well. I believe that the e-book is not a competitor with the tree book. The e-book is actually a wide exciting medium in itself and can provide far more. The book trailer is here if you want to take a peek.

Apparently, this Christmas will in fact be Kindlemas. This is the year when the e-reader will be the must have item in Santa’s sack. I think  the old dead tree books will still have a place. I have shelves of them to show folks how learned I am. While books proclaim what you like folk to think you have read, the e-reader hides what you actually like to read. You can sit on the commuter train to a posh job in the City with your Kindle reading “Confessions of a Harem Handyman” and no one knows. 

I have parked up the bus for the holidays now. Soon I will be going home to France for a holiday season of ruthless dieting, cold baths and exercise. On the other hand I might get out the foie gras, un bon Bordeaux and catch up on some reading. I wonder if we Brits will be turned away at the border by the Sarko police? His eyebrows really do look like circumflex (little roof top) accents, the presence of which in French denotes that a consonant used to be present in a word.   With Britain missing from Europe the look on Sarko’s face takes body language to new heights.

Emma thinx:  Europic – a new serious vision problem.