Some Things Are Meant To Be. Craig Jefferson does Elvis

See, See See Rider

 You just can’t help believing can you? Wise men say that there are now 85,000 Elvis impersonators in the world. This must be an underestimate since there can be up to four in my house alone. Elvis is surely the one image that is capable of uniting the world. Many fine academic brains have tried to analyze the essential oils of Elvis juice. All I know is that just one drop would make me ten times more talented than I am.

So it was that on Friday evening I went out to  The Plaza  theatre in the country town of Romsey in Hampshire UK. Elvis was sung and acted by the very talented Craig Jefferson. This guy has a powerful authentic sound and if you close

In The Glen Miller big band mood with the style of the KING

your eyes you are truly in the presence of the King. I would not describe him as an impersonator. To me he was a spirit guide – somehow linking the audience to the sheer showbiz aura of Presley. The big band support was provided by the Romsey Area Youth Jazz Orchestra conducted by Alex Needham who also did the arragments. Wow! These guys were hot. Thanks guys for a wonderful show – I’m still singing along.

I’ve tried to work out what it is about Elvis that grabs me and many folk far younger who were never part of his generation. Undoubtedly his image is no less hype than any other star. For all that, he stood out front, alone before his audience, a true Shakespearean flawed hero slowly revealing his own tragedy and mortality. I wonder what he would make of the helpless tears still shed by the likes of me at his memory.

Emma Thinx: Tinsel has not the weight of silver. It can fly higher.

Copy Of Shannon’s Law Found On Moon

Huston – We have a novel.

The  accent was clearly American, the tone serious. It was 3.26am London time. Not even Sky Media Sales cold call in the night.                                                                                        

“Ma’am – This is NASA Huston. We’ve just recovered a digital cookbook and a copy of your latest novel from the surface of the moon.”
“Wow! Thanks,” I replied, “Is it damaged? The paper quality is quite good.”
“Was that one of your ironic English jokes Ma’am?”
“I’m not sure. Generally I make do with whimsy and sarcasm until at least midday,” I said.
“Do you have any idea how it got there?” asked the voice.
“I sent a copy to Elvis. He’s a big star in the book. I guess he didn’t want it and decided to return it to sender,” I said.
The line went dead. I knew not to try a lame joke so early.  I sighed. Another copy returned without a review!

Between you and me, none of that happened. The purpose of this blog is to find out something about the way blogs now operate. These days I get thousands of blog views. My biggest ever title about bird watching contained the word “Tits.” Until recently nothing I posted on here got anything like the same number of views as my “Tits”. Then recently I posted a feature about video gaming. Suddenly my “Tits” drooped to a poor second. Up to a thousand hits a day can land on my feature “Blinkers And Nosebags.” But why? None of them spam me with undergarment ads or suggestions that I buy their books, visit their blogs, have myself surgically enhanced, help distressed cats etc. 

Since I got into publishing I’ve lost count of the gurus I’ve followed into dark cash sucking caves. The deeper you get into Holetruth mountain, the weaker gets the guiding flame. In the darkness I turn and head back out. I guess there’s a great guru recycling plant somewhere. Do they cross pollinate or form sterile mules? The wisdom used to be that blog views would enhance sales. My experience is that they do not. These days most of my sales are copies I buy myself and send to celebrities in outer space. I just wanna know why thousands of folk look at this stuff! If I knew that I could tele-sales or doorstep them to sell my books. Let’s see if Elvis, the moon, Marc Bolan,NASA and the Queen of England get me some views or sales.

Happy Birthday Your Majesty

Oh yes – it’s the Queen’s 88th birthday. Many of her family are in my lunar landing book Shannon’s Law. I’m thinking of sending her a copy.

Emma thinx: The greatest deception is that the truth can ever be whole.

Elvis – The King

When you’re this big a crown is just a silly hat

My Pinterest reveal today is one of the most famous persons ever to have lived. It is estimated that there are 35,000 impersonators of this man in the USA and maybe up to 85,000 in the world. He is the ninth most known man according Ladies and Gentlemen, for those who believe, Elvis has never left the building. 

A true fan and music writer Mandy Baggot has hosted my post today. The great man plays a big part in Shannon’s Law. I can’t give away too much of the story. He has to rely on others to provide physical manifestations of his presence. This does not mean that the King is not still here. Wherever there is a blue suede shoe there is a footprint. Wherever there is a heartbreak hotel there is a tear stained sheet bearing his scent. Wherever some helpless human can’t help falling love there is a man in a white suit who understands. If you believe like me you should read my book and feel the presence of the great man.

While researching the book I splashed out on a new Elvis DVD to help me soak myself in the flavour. It is a show to commemorate the 25 years since his death. Footage of Elvis is mixed with his old backing musicians playing live. It’s very skilfully done and you can catch it here

Writing books allows me many forms of self indulgence. It was a joy to include Elvis. Somehow he arrived on Earth and brought his own era with him. He was a fabulous performer who brought a charisma and a belief that will never fade. 

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