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Okay – so what if I’m not a blonde – my hormones are blonde

‘Let’s Hear It For The Boys’
A HitLitPro Anthology
Now, I’m not going to leave a couple of important issues dangling. Yes, it’s all about those things men have got and we sistas ain’t got. When we’re talking about men’s health we’re talking about the stuff men like women to believe is enormous and then pretend to themselves they haven’t got at all. We’re not talking about their golf clubs or toy train collection. It’s the engine of the sort of stuff I write. Without the heroic deep voiced gonad gauchos I’d be out of business. The truth is that the poor dears would rather rope a bull than admit they have a problem. They have other health issues like banging their skulls unblocking the sink trap and inability to walk when they get a cold. The sad truth is that they ignore the serious stuff. 

Mo Sistas, it’s time to step up…

Perhaps one of the men close to you (brother, husband, son, friend…) joins in with the moustachioed adventure that happens every November. Around the world it’s the month that has literally changed its name, as the global organisation, Movember, leads the way in changing the face of men’s health.
This year it is time for the ladies to step up and grab the moustache baton. While we Mo Sistas may be follicly challenged about the face, we do have the power of words at our fingertips.
Mein hair and me

Let’s Hear It For The Boys is a tribute to the men of Movember. The HitLitPro authors have created these 9 short stories to celebrate men in our lives, the effect they have on our hearts, our minds (and our bodies) and the difference they can make to the world around them. 

The authors are: Caroline James, Jenny Harper, Linn B Halton, Mandy Baggot, Nikki Mason, Rosie Dean, Sheryl Browne Zara Stoneley and of course me!

The book is out on Amazon worldwide from the 1st November 

2014 and all profits go to the Movember charity.

MADE IN NASHVILLE – @MandyBaggot likes to do it the American Way

Today I am delighted to welcome a wonderfully talented writer and performer to my blog – Mandy Baggot. 

I first met her at a literary event where she was not only promoting her novels but was entertaining the crowds at lunch with her microphone and PA system belting out Amy Winehouse’s “Rehab”. She is a total star.

She has a brand new book out called MADE IN NASHVILLE … for a good ol’ dose of country-style romance. 

Without further ado – Mandy, I’ve noticed a number of your books are set in the US. Why is this? 

Mandy:  To be really honest I’m not entirely sure how this happened!

When I started writing I had in mind using my cool British humour and knowledge of UK popular culture in my novels. My first four books had British heroines and three of those were set predominantly in England but two had ‘foreign’ heroes – American heartthrob actor Nicholas Kaden and ice-dance sensation Jimmy Lloyd.

By the time I got to novel number five I was writing about an American-born heroine travelling back to her homeland. There were diners, hockey, my words had Zs in them and one less ‘l’. I was talking pants instead of trousers and clutching purses instead of bags.

I think having my dad living in the US is an influence. He’s a constant source of inspiration, keeps me in touch with American culture and all things Michigan.
But another reason is my obsession with US TV shows. British drama for me has got a little too British. I want escapism. I want action, talk of bodegas and a sexy drawl on my hero.

Made in Nashville was born out of my love for country music and the American lifestyle. Writing about things you’re passionate about always makes for a great story and I really hope that passion shines through on the page.

Although the book is set in Nashville, in the middle of the music scene, you don’t have to be a fan of bluegrass to enjoy Honor and Jared’s story. Their relationship is the focus and it’s their feelings that drive the plot forward. But, before you know it, you’ll be listening to Tim McGraw and wearing plaid!
So there you have it! I’m a girl who loves writing over the pond but I also like to keep everyone on their toes. My next hero’s a Bulgarian!

Mandy Baggot is a romantic fiction author. In 2012 she won the Innovation in Romantic Fiction award at the UK’s Festival of Romance. Her self-published title, Strings Attached was also short-listed for the Best Author Published Read award.

Also in 2012 she signed with American publishing house, Sapphire Star Publishing, who produced her novels, Taking Charge and romantic suspense, Security.

In June 2013 she signed a two book deal with Harper Collins’ digital first romance imprint, Harper Impulse.

She is a regular contributor to writing blogs and on-line magazine, Loveahappyending Lifestyle http://www.loveahappyending.com/.

Mandy loves mashed potato, white wine, country music, World’s Strongest Man, travel and handbags. She has appeared on ITV1’s Who Dares Sings and auditioned for The X-Factor.

Mandy is a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association and lives near Salisbury, Wiltshire, UK with her husband, two daughters and cats, Kravitz and Springsteen.

Loveahappyending Bookshelf: http://loveahappyending.org/mandy-baggot/
Harper Impulse: http://ow.ly/mAQBP
Latest release: Made in Nashville– Amazon UK http://ow.ly/sMOIG

Elvis – The King

When you’re this big a crown is just a silly hat

My Pinterest reveal today is one of the most famous persons ever to have lived. It is estimated that there are 35,000 impersonators of this man in the USA and maybe up to 85,000 in the world. He is the ninth most known man according
towhoismorefamous.com. Ladies and Gentlemen, for those who believe, Elvis has never left the building. 

A true fan and music writer Mandy Baggot has hosted my post today. The great man plays a big part in Shannon’s Law. I can’t give away too much of the story. He has to rely on others to provide physical manifestations of his presence. This does not mean that the King is not still here. Wherever there is a blue suede shoe there is a footprint. Wherever there is a heartbreak hotel there is a tear stained sheet bearing his scent. Wherever some helpless human can’t help falling love there is a man in a white suit who understands. If you believe like me you should read my book and feel the presence of the great man.

While researching the book I splashed out on a new Elvis DVD to help me soak myself in the flavour. It is a show to commemorate the 25 years since his death. Footage of Elvis is mixed with his old backing musicians playing live. It’s very skilfully done and you can catch it here

Writing books allows me many forms of self indulgence. It was a joy to include Elvis. Somehow he arrived on Earth and brought his own era with him. He was a fabulous performer who brought a charisma and a belief that will never fade. 

Emma Thinx: When you’re OTT, you’re feeling the real thing.

Why don’t you call me some time?

You can call me Icon

The Pinterest reveal goes on and on. There’s been a glitch with my host blogger but I’ve got a little slice of English village life that I wanted to share in any case. OK – what do you see in every postcard from the UK along with the black taxi cab and the double decker bus? You got it. It’s the red telephone box. 
In Shannon’s Law the parish council of Fleetworth-Green agree to install a second red box but without a phone. Everyone has a mobile device. The phone box forms the perfect privacy and shelter where you can pull out your electronics without fear of rain damage. It’s a classic British compromise.

Love on the phone. It’s easy as A B – See.

If you want to know the full history of the phone box – it is here. To this day, they remain an iconic element of tradition and continuance. My own memories are of standing outside while other lovers poured their boring sweet nothings into the heavy handset. By the time I got in my own passion had cooled but I still loved the old fashioned rotary dial. 

Before I go I do want to share with you a video trailer for a book by the Harper Impulse author Mandy Baggot. Her story, “Made In Nashville” launched recently. It’s a page turner and I’m turning them. The book is about a singer and you can tell the authenticity in the way Mandy writes. She just loves the music.She’s a trouper. She doesn’t hold back. She gives you full music power straight out of her generous talented heart. That’s a star. She’ll be a guest on my blog in the next week.

Emma Thinx: Big up the tip. Mortality will snatch your change. 

In The Sack – With Mandy Baggot

I’ve not encountered many celebrities, although I did once stand near a TV gardening expert on a railway station platform. I began to frame a remark about my perfumed succulents to make conversation, when a bodyguard spotted my loony groupie stereotype and I was eased away. All that was before I met Mandy. 

I had seen her books in Waterstones, I had heard her talking on the radio, but it was not until I went to a literary festival that I encountered her. During the lunch break I heard someone singing “Rehab” which is definitely my kind of song. The singer had brought along a backing track – and well, the girl could sing. If only I could sing! I could be somebody, maybe even a contender like Rocky. At least I wouldn’t have to try to write books. Then, a passing novelist told me the singer was Mandy Baggot – and well, the girl can write!

She’s a power-house, she’s an inspiration and she’s here….. 

Thank you so much for having me on your blog today, Emma. I’m going to be starting a new feature on my website soon called In The Sackand I thought I’d kick it off on your site with my own!

Basically, I have a handbag fetish. I have LOADS of them and I love them, but occasionally I do have to thin out my collection otherwise Mr Big goes mad! Anyway, he’s not here now! In The Sack is going to look at your current handbag and its contents. What does your style of bag say about you? What horrors are there lurking in the bottom of it!

So, without further ado, here’s my handbag!

I bought this rather large handbag at the Ladies Who Love Salisbury Fashion Week shopping event and I love it! It’s huge and has room for everything I need on a daily basis and more! Want to see what’s in it?

Here’s what’s in it:-
  1. Purse
  2. Two lip balms (?)
  3. Name badge (in case I forget who I am!)
  4. Huggies wipes
  5. Fiction Addiction Book Tours diary
  6. House of Colour colour wallet
  7. Leopard print tissues
  8. Business card holder
  9. Cheque book
  10. Tesco coupons
  11. Pyrex collection stickers
  12. Petrol receipt
  13. Pens
  14. Avon book
  15. My phone would have been there but I was taking the photo!
What does all that say about me?!

If you’re an author or a book blogger and would like to be featured on In The Sack, drop me an email at mandybaggot@gmail.comand I will get you on my blog!

Mandy Baggot is a romantic fiction author. In 2012 she won the Innovation in Romantic Fiction award at the UK’s Festival of Romance. Her self-published title, Strings Attached was also short-listed for the Best Author Published Read award.

Also in 2012 she signed with American publishing house, Sapphire Star Publishing, who has produced her novels, Taking Charge http://ow.ly/ks0Zg and latest release, Security http://ow.ly/ks13Q. She is a regular contributor to writing blogs and on-line magazine, Loveahappyending Lifestyle http://www.loveahappyending.com/.

Mandy loves mashed potato, white wine, country music, World’s Strongest Man, travel and handbags. She has appeared on ITV1’s Who Dares Sings and auditioned for The X-Factor.

Wot? No soggy furry humbugs, no crumpled up parking tickets, no leaked out biro? Thanks Mandy, I’ll be having a rummage in my sack and exposing my slovenly soul on your blog in August. It certainly adds a new dimension to I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.   Mandy has been shortlisted for The Southern Women Inspiring Women Awards and she sure has my vote. 

Emma thinx: Gucci – the sack of Rome. 

Escape To Love On Tour.

You would have thought that by now a media pro like me would have gone on display somewhere. Perhaps a tour with beasts in an old fashioned circus or starring as a fortune teller on the end of a pier somewhere would have been glamorous. As a kid I always longed for such a life – but it was not to be. 

I can now set aside all my previous disappointments. I am going on my first ever blog tour. It was only recently that I really found out what a blog tour is. I guess all of you out there knew already. Since I’m something of a virgin, I’m only doing five stops with the following kind hosts: 

Anneli Purchase on 4th Feb.
Gallo-Romano Media on 6th Feb.
Laurie Jenkins On 10th Feb.
Sheryl Browne on 11th Feb.
Mandy Baggot on 12th Feb.

There will be a chance to win a prize at each stop.

I am hoping not to destroy their readership. Of course, the purpose of the tour is to announce the publication of my latest story “Escape To Love”, which will be out on Monday 4th February. This novelette is a further addition to my urban love series. There will be two more after this which will then form a collection under the banner “Love In A Hopeless Place” – all with full free audio book narrated by me (female roles) or Oscar Sparrow (male roles). 

If you tune in tomorrow there will be a SoundCloud link to the audio of chapter one. Hope to see you there. 

Emma thinx: The rose of love blooms and dies in water – but it thrives in a nice bit of dirt. 

Festival Of Romance 2012

I’ve just been reading Louise Allen‘s “Seduced by the Scoundrel” (Mills and Boon). A shipwrecked young lady finds herself naked and defenceless on a beach in the midst of a mob. Ooh, I now know just how she must have felt. On Saturday I ended up in a terrified state of emotional nudity in the  Harpur Shopping Centre in Bedford. All I had to do was to read from my book to passing shoppers. Having never been shipwrecked or had to read aloud in a shopping mall, I think I would have gone for the shipwreck if there had been a choice! At least I would have been trembling with cold as opposed to terror. 

The occasion of course was the Festival Of  Romance. This was my first time at such an event. There I was, not even a dairy maid on the Milky Way or a knobbly asteroid in the Romance Universe. Around me were all manner of authors, some of whom I knew only as names on the covers of books I had read. My greatest impression of the whole show was that everyone was so friendly, helpful and willing to share their experiences. 

You know who you are (I hope)

The festival was organised by Kate Allan and it was a triumph of hard work, logistics and enthusiasm. I think everyone involved in the organisation should be really proud of the result.

I’ll be coming back to different aspects of the weekend over the next few blogs. One the highlights for me was Mandy Baggot from the “Love a Happy Ending” group picking up the prize for Innovation In Romance at the prize giving ball. The frocks were fabulous too.  I shall never forget Nicky Wells performing an ad lib singing performance of “You Give Love A Bad Name” at the Rock Star party. Oh for that kind of confidence!

I had some lovely table mates at the book fair so thanks to Cara Cooper, Caroline Bell Foster and Gilli Allan. Dear old Oscar was there too because he knew I would never be able to construct my poster display without his help. He is my favourite poet and some of his poems aren’t too bad. He is a knight of the cable tie and a Prince of masking tape. 

I had a lovely lovely time meeting all the other writers. I’ll be coming back here to digest some of my more technical impressions of the business from my  independent viewpoint. In the meantime….thanks for having me, it was wonderful to be had. 

Emma thinx: Sisters are doing it for their shelves.