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Emma Calin loves Yorkshire Tea with her romance novelWell, did you know that the 1st of August is Yorkshire Day?

To celebrate, I’m sharing my ‘Yorkshire Tea’ stickers and a ‘proper brew’ with my wonderful daughter, who is also the leg-model for my latest romance novel  ‘PASSION PATROL 2‘.

It’s a steamy suspense romance with a touch of humour and features HOT cops, HOT crime, HOT romance and… HOT TEA…?!? As anyone who has read it will tell you, my heroine Shannon is as mad about tea as I am.

Let me assure you –  it’s far more stimulating and satisfying than all that old GREY stuff!

passion patrol romance suspense novels

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“Moved out from the city after one-too-many maverick missions, Shannon discovers there’s more going on in the sleepy country village of Fleetworth Green than meets the eye. The son of a local aristocrat arouses suspicion of drug crime activity… but his widower father arouses more animal instincts!

‘Passion Patrol 2’ is the second in my series of crime-romance novels and features sassy London female cop Shannon, who solve crimes, locks up the baddies and ALWAYS gets her man.  Reviewers say it’s a bit like ‘Hot Fuzz’ meets ’50 shades’…

Finally, here’s me with my tea, at the home of the irresistible Spencer, Earl of Bloxington…

Get your copy of ‘Passion Patrol 2’ here: http://www.smarturl.it/PP2, available in digital and print formats (Listed with title ‘Shannon’s Law’ in printed paperback editions).


Review copies for ‘Passion Patrol 1’ ebook are currently on offer FREE for a limited time only, to lovely folk who sign up to my VIP Reader List.

Cheers Yorkshire Tea for a ‘Proper Brew’!


Emma Thinx:  Tea bags and Crime Romance – it’s an inside job.

One of many faces that launched a ship – well, an ocean-going solo row boat actually @Oceansproject @TechnopopLondon #greatbritishvikingquest

The hull of Sarah Weldon’s Viking Quest solo rowing boat

I know there was an American TV show called “Queen for a day”. I am too young to have seen it. No worries because yesterday I knew how those folk felt. I was in one of those places where only the Queen and oily rag Bruce Springsteen types get to be. Yes – a boat launch.

Sunset at the Olympic Park, London

I dressed myself in my jewels and finery, left my computer and travelled to London. Could I survive without the internet? Would I meet that sexy billionaire perfect lover I’ve always been writing about? Big glitzy openings and fashion shows are where little meez always collide awkwardly with that eyebrow tweaking Count Lorenzo Wealthasmo. Well, no actually but I am a Romantic scribbler after all. 

What links a solo rower and a romance writer?

It was far better than that! I met Sarah Weldon. This gal is a real hero. In 2015 she is gonna row her boat solo around the British Isles and raise £100,000 for charity. Yes, she is going to confront the oceans with nothing but the strength of her arms and courage. She is going to follow in the footsteps of the Vikings except that footsteps are quickly swept away in water. Maybe she’ll use G.P.S? I think that Nokkia is a Viking brand. 

It’s all for a truly worthwhile cause.  Sarah is the founder of The Oceans Project.   Her Great British Viking Quest is a 14-week, 3000 mile, world first, solo row around Great Britain. She will be retracing the oar strokes of Viking seafarers, warriors, and conquerors, bringing ocean literacy, environmental, and STEM education to life for students worldwide. Funds raised will provide access to education for some of the world’s most disadvantaged young people, helping every child ‘go for gold’ in whatever they do.

She will be hooked up to various head-bands, body-suits and muscle monitoring devices. These will link, via satellite, to scientists and students who will monitor how her mind and body cope with the stresses of extreme physical exertion, unusual sleep patterns and living on a diet of freeze-dried food for fourteen weeks.  She will be broadcasting live classroom lessons to over 17,000 pupils around the world on Skype.

My good-luck wish to Sarah – Sharpies Rule!

The hull of her boat was officially unveiled at a VIP party (that’s why I was there!) at The Technopop Exhibition in London’s Olympic Park on 7th October.  I have to say it looks a massive vessel for one person to handle. Luckily Sarah is having rowing lessons from the best in the field – none other than Olympic Silver Medallist Debbie Flood. 

Sarah Weldon and Debbie Flood

The boat is on display at Technopop 2014 until the 2nd of November. Over 100,000 children are expected to visit in the next four weeks.  I’m back up there on the 16th October to give a presentation to teenage girls about the impact and use of technology in my audio book production and publishing business. 

Pssst: Not a mention of the old romance novels please ( that would get me into BIG trouble with the headmaster ).  I’ve even had to bring out a series of children’s books to use for my case study, so as not to corrupt any young minds!

And who do I have to thank for this chance to perform to a captive audience?  Well – Sarah Weldon of course!  I first met her last year when we were both screen-testing for a Yorkshire Gold Tea commercial. I was fascinated by her rowing project.  I’ve even donated some of my e-books and audiobooks to keep her warm and revved up during her lonely nights on the ocean. I think that’s what romance writers are for.

Sarah is a warm, inspiring and motivated woman. Her drive and desire to advance disadvantaged kids will push her on through some hard times at sea. It is a privilege to be just a little bit on board with a true captain of dreams.

Emma thinx: Inspiration, piling stones into cathedrals.

Luck : Be A Knight To A Lady

Best tea bags in the world but hopeless for fortune telling

My mother used to read the tea leaves for friends, neighbours and a few paying clients. The family income dived when tea bags came in. Such is the cruel shrug of progress. I am only mildly superstitious except for anything to do with shoes on tables, harming of spiders,greeting of magpies, ladders, saying the word rabbits on the first of the month, spilling of salt, breaking mirrors, umbrellas indoors, changing a garment if inside out, my supernatural connection with rooks and general odd persons carrying scythes. I think I’m in the normal range.  

blessed by a winged messenger

Of course, there are always the omens. My whole family needed a healthy daily dose of soothsaying omens. My mother and her sister would often see shapes in clouds or interpret the cluck of a chicken or growl of a dog as a guiding word. Richer people had psychoanalysts and stockbrokers to advise them.  My aunt was once struck by a huge squirt of pigeon poo as she walked into the Bingo Hall. She won the regional jackpot that night and bought a colour television. She loved it so much she hardly left the house again. Needless to say, the winged excremental messenger never chose her again. 

The hand of the Universe strokes me

Imagine my feelings today as these memories flood back. As I walked to the shops a sight greeted me from the pavement. It was a supernatural and inexplicable omen. There on the pavement was a dice, face up showing a score of six. Come on guys – tell me that is not an omen! How did the bloody thing get there? 

I picked up the dice and of course it will always be with me. I needed to cross the road and for once there was no traffic. As I scampered across the tarmac a great dollop of bird shit splattered on my tracksuit bottoms.Tell me that the Universe has not twisted itself into position to show me these omens. I just know that in the next little while something astounding is going to happen. Perhaps I’ll sell a book or someone who isn’t a spammer will read this blog. If this be not an omen, never was there fate nor no bird ever shat. (Apologies to the bard’s sonnet 116).

Emma Thinx: Before you chance your arm – arm your chances.